Krack, Learn new tricks Build your story Earn some respect

The ultimate hardware for skateboarders

Prove it
Nobody saw you landing this heelflip for the 1st time, you now have your proof.
Track your progress
Learn new tricks and become
the best.
Follow your gang
Follow the progression of your friends, discover where they’re riding.
Life is a game
Challenge them, organize contests and become the best of your gang.
Don’t be anonymous
Build your profile, show who you are. Don’t let anyone else define that.
Never ride alone
Find new skateboarders anywhere and never ride alone.
Explore your city
Discover new spots, learn which tricks have been done on each spot.
Destroy the spots
Do what has never been done, destroy the spot and become the king.

A hardware on my skateboard?

That's how we conceive our hardware:

  • so little
  • so light

that your eyes and your feet won't feel any difference!

We are skateboarders, we are in the street everyday, we fall a lot, we have fun even more, and we promise one thing: we will never make our beloved skateboards less beautiful and pure than they are today.

By and for

The best experience, all in your pocket

Skateboarding is not easy. We developed Krack so we could enjoy skateboarding even more, become better skateboarders and talk big when we were so proud of landing a new trick.

You want to try?

We already started our tests in the street with skateboarders. We're making them in Paris and London so far but we're gonna travel to the US and more cities in Europe. Maybe yours?

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Our team

Kevin Straszburger
Chief Skateboarder
Go flip yourself.
Tristan Nicolas
Product Manager
Building the product you will love using.
Benoit Do Quang
Creative Rookie
Act as a pro, think as a rookie.
Charles Passet
Hardware Architect
The best technology is the one you don't know is there.
Yann Nicolas
Software Architect
Finding the science behind
I want to try

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